About Us

What are we up to?

Hello folks, we have been doing our research, buying in foods from all over the UK and local restaurants and pubs! We really hope that what we are doing will surprise you and lift your spirits! We truly mean that this is not a pandemic service for us; this is our future!

What we have come up with and tested is delivering blast frozen and chilled restaurant quality food to your door prepared right here in Frome by us! Yes, you can stock your fridges or freezers with food then simply reheat from the instructions provided on the packaging and your food is at the same quality that the chefs present it at.

  • Our Kiosk offers you snacks and sweets
  • The Food is made with all the exact recipes from our restaurant menu
  • Our drinks list offers you a great selection of drinks including all our ice-cold draughts

 Why Findlay’s Kitchen?

  • We are determined to offer a professional and dedicated service
  • We will keep Findlay’s Kitchen going post lock down!
  • We have planned to get this right!
  • We plan to give you super service!
  • No preservatives at all – That is for Sissy chefs!
  • Food is prepared in our restaurant kitchen by a restaurant chef!
  • We are blast freezing the product after preparation to maintain quality and hygiene!
  • Once you have reheated it will be the same quality as served in the restaurant!

Food storage containers

  • Cool to the touch even after being heated in the oven /microwave
  • Freezable down to -20°C & heat resistant in conventional and microwave ovens to 200°C
  • The seal is peelable film
  • Lower weight, less CO2 & less carbon footprint
  • 100 % mono-material, consists exclusively of PET, a material which is ideally suited to recycling
  • Low waste volume, thanks to its good dead fold properties it takes truly little space in the recycling bin
  • Over the course of its entire life cycle, an airPET® tray emits far less than 0.1 kg CO2 into our atmosphere

Why Blast Freezing or Chilling:

Blast freezing is celebrated by many top-drawer international chefs as a breakthrough in cooking and serving innovations here are two videos to help you understand what we are doing:

  • Social distancing does not allow us to deliver same day orders
  • This would mean us employing several more staff
  • There is no way we could apply social distancing
  • So, we had re-invent how we presented our food to you!
  • It had to be delivered to your door quality and hygienic.
  • The only option for us was to blast chill and freeze
  • Hygiene benefits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdiWZOTLs4Y
  • Cooking benefits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zngph27CIOY