The Fuddy-Duddy Stuff - AKA Terms and Conditions


    • Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any Products from our Website. 
    • You should understand that by ordering any of our Products, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.
    • Please tick the accept box if you accept these terms and conditions. Unless you read and tick the wee little box, we will be unable to deliver to you.

Who are we?

    • We are Findlay’s Kitchen, currently working from 1 Palmer Street, Frome Somerset, BA11 1DS.
    • We are local to Frome and live right on top of the Old Bath Arms in a posh penthouse!
    • We operate this website therefor all queries can be made directly to us with this regard.
    • We use the commercial kitchen infra-structure to prepare all our Findlay’s Kitchen meals.
    • We are the original team from the Old Bath Arms Frome
    • We have had extra-terrestrials apply for jobs during lock down, we have politely declined!
    • Our faith remains squarely in humans coming out of furlough and expanding our business!

Your status

    • By placing an order through our Website, you confirm that you are legally liable for receiving and paying for the order!
    • In other words, you totally committed to eating your way through all the food!

Our delivery services

    • We cannot deliver our food internationally yet so hang ten South Africa!
    • It is your responsibility to provide the correct address. 
    • Please make sure you are in England and that you are at home at the time of the delivery.
    • Please ensure you provide valid contact details, so that our super smart logistics division can contact you.
    • Please do not play hide and seek with the drivers if we cannot find you we have two options:
      1. Preferably we would bring the goods back, but a charge of £4.00 redelivery will be requested.
      2. At your request we will leave it at your door for which you will have to take responsibility for the condition of the product.
    • Once you have placed your order it is your responsibility to look out for your delivery and communication notices.
    • Any default deliveries our drivers will take a picture and forward to you!
    • Our drivers will also temperature test delivered a minimum of 25% of delivered products everyday to make sure there is no variant in temperature
    • We use ice cooled to transport your product fully chilled and sealed.
    • We do offer our drivers food so they should not be tempted to munchie your food on the way!
    • In the unlikely event that you order is wrong please contact us straight away on:
07919 / Our Contacts Page

Our Products

    • Our products are delivered frozen or hot, frozen in oven and microwave safe containers.
    • On the frozen product labels we provide the cooking instructions and storing instructions.
    • At the bottom of each page on the website you will find the link to the allergen advice and product ingredients.
    • We make the greatest effort to use pre-measured serving utensils when serving up the food, but weights and products have sometimes a naughty way of changing and may vary slightly after delivered.
    • We provide general advice, recipes and instructions relating to our Products, any advice, recipes and instructions provided by Findlay’s Kitchen relating to our Products have been produced in order to help you in using the Products and to give guidance. These are provided for general information only. 
    • We accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury arising as a result of the advice, recipes or instructions provided to you with any of our Products.
    • Please ensure that you make us aware of any allergies or information regarding our meal content and process of cooking before ordering from us. This can be done by simply texting: 01373 465045 or emailing: .
    • Please ensure you look after the products when you receive them and that they are what you ordered. Make sure you read the labels and store appropriately. 
    • In the unlikely event of delivering the food and something is wrong from our side we will either redeliver to you or give you a refund on the food which is wrong.
    • We like to tell you which suppliers we are using as we think they are some of the best. However, we reserve the right to change suppliers at any time and without notification, particularly if there are supply and delivery issues or shortages.

Price and payment

    • Product prices and any delivery charges are liable to change at any time but not on orders already placed! 
    • All delivered products must be paid for online at checkout!


    • If we charge any less for this yummy food, you will be guilty of cheap labour practices 
    • Our prices are all made considering the current situation
    • Production costs are the same as if we were an open restaurant
    • However, we have reduced our margins to retail values

We may vary the terms and conditions 

    • Just to keep you occupied we may add a thing or to or even adjust our terms and conditions 
    • Please keep yourself posted!

Law and jurisdiction

    • We are governed by English law. 
    • In the very unlikely event that a dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with our service will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England